Children’s Medical Services

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Children’s Medical Services (CMS) is a program designed to assure that eligible children with chronic medical conditions receive specialty medical care in Georgia. Children (birth to 21 years of age) with eligible medical conditions, who live in Cobb or Douglas counties and meet income eligibility, may receive comprehensive care coordination.

CMS services are family-centered, culturally/linguistically competent and community-based. Care coordination provides referrals to medical specialists and diagnostic testing, links to community resources and assistance to apply for resources, such as State and Charity financial aid and medication assistance programs.

Some examples of eligible medical conditions include, but are not limited to:

  • Cardiac, Chronic Lung (including asthma & cystic fibrosis)
  • Craniofacial anomalies (including cleft lip and/or palate)
  • Orthopedic and neuromuscular (including cerebral palsy, scoliosis & amputations)
  • Diabetes, gastrointestinal, hearing and vision (cataracts, glaucoma, amblyopia & strabismus)
  • Spina Bifida, neurological and neurosurgical (including epilepsy & hydrocephalus)

For more information about eligible conditions and services call:

  • For children under age 5 years, 770-514-2759
  • For children age 5-21 years, 770-432-0578

Visit the State’s website for more information on Children’s Medical Services.

Success Story

“Ryan” was a fifth-grade student with seizures occurring about twice a month. These episodes frightened his teachers and classmates, interrupted lesson activities, and—worst of all—threatened Ryan’s life. After learning the boy’s history, our public health nurse coordinated with Children’s Medical Services to cover the cost of extra seizure medication to have available at the school. She then got permission to work with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to adjust his medications and stop seizures at onset through the use of a nerve stimulator and magnet. The nurse coordinated with Social Services and the school to track Ryan’s response to medication changes. She then trained school staff on how to use his magnet and medications. Thanks to tremendous coordination among community partners, Ryan’s seizures are under control, and he is now enjoying the joys and challenges of middle school.