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Children 1st is a statewide, free, voluntary initiative coordinated by the Georgia Department of Public Health and your local Public Health Department. Any child (from birth-age 5) with developmental, social or medical needs can be referred to the program. A Public Health Nurse contacts the family and makes a home visit to help the family access local medical services and social supports. These services are designed to support families with young children, promote child health/development and positively influence school readiness.

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Success Story

“Claire” is a newborn who failed her initial hearing screening and was referred to Children 1st for follow-up. Upon arriving at Claire’s home, the visiting nurse noted that the infant’s mouth turned down and her right eye squinted, a possible indication of Bell’s palsy or facial paralysis. Mom shared  that she was awaiting the results of tests performed at the hospital but did not yet have a pediatrician for Claire. The nurse also learned that there was no family support and no safe place for Claire to sleep. As a result of the visit, Claire was provided a “pack-n-play” for safe sleeping. The nurse also helped Mom enroll Claire in Medicaid so that she could receive basic well care from a pediatrician and specialized care from a neurologist and audiologist for the Bell’s palsy and hearing issues. Claire was also referred to Children’s Medical Services, where Mom received financial assistance to purchase Claire’s needed hearing aids. Claire continued in the Children 1st program where she was monitored and provided developmental screenings to ensure she was progressing successfully.