Cobb Health Futures Foundation Hosts Inaugural Breakfast, Highlights Public Health

The Cobb Health Futures Foundation (CHFF) Board hosted Cobb County officials and local business leaders Thursday morning for their first-ever breakfast event focused on promoting awareness of the Foundation and its mission to provide financial, fundraising, and advocacy support for critical Cobb Public Health programs.

The theme for CHFF’s first fundraising breakfast was “Improving Our Futures through Public Health,” and highlighted the impact that support from local business partners, community leaders and for-profit health organizations can have on access to crucial healthcare for under-served populations in Cobb County. Partnership remarks from presenting sponsor MetroAtlanta Ambulance President Pete Quinones demonstrated the mutual benefits of strong local partnerships in public health, and the effect those efforts have on communities at large.

“Access to healthcare is often the first barrier to receiving care for families and individuals in our community who are underinsured, in need or otherwise vulnerable. The willingness of our partners to dedicate resources to programs like Adolescent Health & Youth Development, Breast & Cervical Cancer Prevention and Children 1st strengthen the bonds of our community and provide access to services that help all of our residents lead safe, healthy and productive lives,” said Pam Riley, Chief Finance Officer at PointeNorth Insurance Group, LLC and Cobb Health Futures Foundation Board Chair.

The breakfast featured speakers such as Meredith Zonsius of Cobb EMC and Cobb & Douglas Public Health District Director Dr. Jack Kennedy, with a stirring call-to-action from Dr. Emily Lembeck, Superintendent of Marietta City Schools. The event featured a video, “Improving Our Futures through Public Health,” produced by Cobb County Communications/CobbTV and offered the audience a view into the role CHFF programs play in the lives of Cobb County residents.

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