Healthcare Georgia Gives Monetary Gift in Effort to Support Community Improvement through Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP)

It is with great pleasure to announce a generous contribution from Healthcare Georgia in the amount of $20,000 in effort to support Cobb Health Futures Foundation strengthen community support and needs through the MAPP process. The unrestricted donation will add to the initiated strategic approach to improve community health. “We are thrilled to support MAPP’s strategic action plan to help improve the quality of

life in our communities,” says Gary D. Nelson, President of Healthcare Georgia. “Integrating and coordinating efforts to improve health and healthcare services is a part of our mission”

In order to achieve healthier communities, MAPP blossomed in the early part of 2011. Through Cobb Health Futures Foundation, MAPP is a community-wide strategic planning process for improving community health. Facilitated by public health leadership, this process helps communities prioritize public health issues and identify resources for addressing them. “This support will allow us to do important work,” says John D. Kennedy, M.D., District Health

Director for Cobb & Douglas Public Health. “It will support bringing community partners together to assess the health status of the County and to move forward with customizing a Community Health Improvement Plan.”

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